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Booval Carpet Cleaning is here to ask you an important question – when was the last time you had your carpets professionally cleaned? The chances are your answer is probably a long time ago, or perhaps even never. It is common for people to go years without even thinking about having their carpets cleaned, if you can’t see the dirt, then it must be clean, right? Wrong.

Over time, dust, hairs, dirt, and bacteria build-up from years of use, most of which you can not see. However, knowing that your carpets most likely contain more germs and bacteria than your bathroom might make you think twice. Carpet cleaning is essential if you want to stay on top of the dirt and keep your carpets looking fresh. Even hiring a steam cleaner to self-clean your carpets is rarely good enough, which is why hiring a team of qualified and passionate professionals is always the best route.

If you have carpets, floors, upholstery, or fabrics of any kind that need cleaning, then we are the company for you.

Why Choose Booval Carpet Cleaning?

For years we have consistently delivered top-quality work to thousands of happy customers, we take pride in the job we do and do everything possible to make sure you are as happy with the job as we are. We are experts in our field and offer far more than carpet cleaning. Check out below our range of services that can help make your space squeaky clean.

1) Domestic Cleaning

For all your household needs, including furnishings, fabrics, and curtains. It is only the carpets that people often forget to clean, furniture and upholstery go through a lot of wear and tear, so it is a good idea to maintain all fabric items in your home. For any job, of any size, in any time frame, we are there for you. For more information on carpet cleaning go to carpet cleaning Brisbane page.

2) Commercial Cleaning

It will be of no surprise to you, that the more frequently a carpet is used, the more regularly it will have to be cleaned. Carpets and furnishings in commercial areas suffer heavy usage daily, but our products and methods help ensure they keep their life for a long time.

3) End of Lease
Booval Carpet Cleaning
Maybe you are moving out and don’t have time to clean, or perhaps you are a landlord with a tenant moving in and don’t have time to clean. Either way, there is no need to panic; we specialise in handling these kinds of situations at short notice.

4) Pest Control

Depending on where you live, pests can be a big problem, and pest control should always be taken seriously. Fortunately, our team at Booval Carpet Cleaning is qualified and ready to get on top of any pest problem leaving you to sleep easy.

Is Booval Carpet Cleaning Safe?

Yes! Carpet cleaning is a practice that is highly recommended to not only keep your living areas clean but also to help your carpets last for as many years as possible. However, it is reasonable to be concerned that using chemicals in your house might not be safe for your home, or you and your family, so let us dispel that worry immediately.

The products, detergents, and systems we use are all completely safe and cause no harm to you or your home. If you have small children or animals in your home, they are also safe to roam around after our team has been for a visit.

Have that Fresh Feeling All Year Round!

Treat your home right and enlist our services to guarantee a top-quality job and finish, and leave your home feeling brand new, cozy, and welcoming. Contact us at Booval Carpet Cleaning, and let us take care of your home.


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